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Vision & Story

              Vision & Story of Inaaz 


Inaaz was founded in 2016 to support and encourage middle class and poor people to grow fast economically. Normally the economical weaker section struggles lot to survive in supporting their daily or monthly  expenses and they are always deprived in the society . 

Inaaz has vision to -

1.  Grow economically weaker  section of society to rapid income generating groups who have urge to excel in life.

2.  Educate the people to learn and earn by earning drives of  Inaaz in various sectors of business.

3.  Create a habit of investing culture to safeguard the future of family.

4.  Engage people in community development by collective development programs in business and investment .

5. Sponsore talented people to grow day by day and earn better.

6. Boost exports  in all fields and imports in limited segment .

7. Bring improvement in life styles and  rich values in social life.

8. Extend brotherhood and co-operation globally to do business and earn profits, thereby enhancing per capita income of each family, village , city, region , state & country. 

9.  Focus in infrastructure and micro economy to build a better family source of income that can sustain the growth of income.

10. Prosper together by support of each other in the community by cooperative development programs.

Initially , founders of Inaaz saw that there was no one to help in how to generate income . In fact, most friends left them to struggle for even earning own food .

That is the time , founders started building its vision to progress faster and in consistent manner. 

Founder believed that every person is capable of doing talented work of 50 people if proper guidance and mentoring is done in time. Self learning  is the best style of learning for curious learners.

There were several hurdles, that came to convert its dream into reality since 2016, but determination is the main pillar for any business  and it has proved that one can make business even by near to zero  money investment by using one's own talent. 

Inaaz admires your talent and nurtures talented people to grow faster in life, who have zeal & ambition to grow.

              Vision or Aim - To become top 10 E-commerce product service provider in                 the  world.


INAAZ has 5 letter vision as mentioned below-


I is for ideas, that you bring to life.

N is for notable, distinguished are your feats

A is for athleticism, embrace the competitor within

A is for attractive, inside and out

Z is for zest, your zeal for life.