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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Inaaz has one of the best social responsibility programs in the world.
Inaaz has following Social Responsibility drives to uplift the society -
1. Education sponsoring for poor but talented students.    Inaaz will award 10 scholarships , 2 fellowship, 10 industry sponsored on professional and higher education MBA  foreign study in various education programs , like school, colleges, universities and professional education entities. Inaaz will later induct them in its business to promote and manage its business.
2.  Economic Upliftment Program  for poor and economical weaker section.
Inaaz has planned every  year to adopt 10 such economical weak section villages or towns and its community to guide, fund, sponsor and engage them for earning income using various Inaaz business initiatives, this will make the community adopted better off in their economy.
3. Girl Child Education and Women Upliftment Program for poor families.
Inaaz has planned to educate 10 poor and orphaned girls and make special scheme to uplift economically weaker women and earn a better living by its multi support  learn while  earn income creating programs.
4. Financial Aids to Disbaled and Old homes.  Inaaz has been associated with its own direct supporting programs to aid disabled and old age homes to bring smiles in their life.
5. Financial Aids to severly ill and sick citizen. Inaaz will help who are helpless to cure themselves for lack of fund or inability to receive right medical support at right time by sponsoring their medical insurance and guiding to relevant expert doctors and hospital. 
6. Investment Aids program to uplift society by Inaaz trust sponsored program.
Inaaz will promote its poor and weaker section to make a habit of investing in fund growth. Inaaz will grow the small  fund of  such poor people and bring smiles o their life during festivals by sending great useful gifts in addition to original fund growth benefits in the range 20-40 % per year.
If any one needs help , can approach  by writing directly to MD -  ashfaque.hussain@inaaz.biz