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Jobs & Careers

Inaaz Jobs & Careers
Inaaz is going to create more than 1 million jobs and several hundred good career opportunities for the mass people globally at villages, towns , cities, regions , states and countries within 6-12 months time.
1.  Business Development , Digital Marketing, Sales & Marketing Career  - Inaaz will engage freelance minimum 4-16 business developer , sales boys and girls in each city & area region to expand Inaaz business rapidly. They will also do digital marketing on which they will be trained. There is a projection of 5000- 8000 jobs in  such career across globe. There is no need to leave the urrent job but to earn $ 200 -1500 USD per quarter by sharing business affiliation in addition to current job income. They will be engaged as freelancer, part time or full time employees.MBAs and 2-6 years experience are welcome.
2. Shipping & Delivery and Field Market Intelligence Career - Inaaz requires people as delivery person in local city , region at every country - Inaaz may need about more than 50,000 delivery boys and girls across various cities and region. They will also do market surveys, field market intelligence of products and bring real feedback from customers to tap best market opportunities. Those having education 6-12 class education can join us , earn on 5-20 delivery per day and earn $ 6 to 20 USD per day as continuous income, they can have electric energy driven bicycles or mopeds or 3 wheeles or 4 wheers to deliver customer's consignment fast. This will give an opportnity to earn an average income of $ 1000 -1800  per quarter as additional income. There is no need to leave one's current job but earn additional income.They will be engaged as freelancer, part time or full time employees. Past delivery  experience  is welcome.
3.  Operations , Support , Development ,Consulting, Project Management , Each Business Vertical Team Career - Inaaz will engage talented people in its various business segment to progress them as step up career by their own talent. The goal of such team will be to operate various Inaaz business, expand its operations globally. They will be main cream of talents in Inaaz. There will be at least 10000 -70000 experts requirement in future. They will be engaged on salary cum freelance terms both to grow their career. A mixed team of freelance , part time and full time employees will be engaged. The earning capability will be $ 2000 -15000 USD per quarter depending upon talent and use of their talents. Graduates or  MBAs in relevant field  with experience 2-6 years are welcome. 
4. HR Consulting , Human Capital Development Career.  Inaaz will engage HR experts to grow its talent base who are inducted and put them in productive training and re-engage their top talents into specific area of business where they are capable to produce results. There will be several hundred HR experts who would be needed as freelance, part time, or full time based on need and its talent development programs. The earning forecast will be USD 300-1500 USD per month depending upon talents and use of their talents. Graduates & MBAs with experience 2-6 years are welcome.


               Inaaz will publish time to time real need phase wise in its induction program  and during that time concerned people can apply online.

At present, the following freelance working induction plan is open in the following -

               Metropolitan City and Small Town Freelance Induction cum enrollment program 

               1. Ten 10  Business development , Digital Marketing , Sales &  Marketing , Freelance Gurus are needed.

               2.  Five Thousand 5000 Franchisee Agency Partners are needed                        in  various cities.

               3. Twenty 20 Ecommerce Retails Operations, Product Sourcing Freelance Experts are needed.

               4. Four 4 HR Consulting Freelance Experts are needed.

               5. One Thousand 1000 Education Freelance Mentors are needed in various cities.

               6. One hundred 100 freelance professional IT support &  IT Shopify or E-commerce developers are needed in  various cities.

               7. One hundred 100 freelance CAs are needed in various cities.

               8. One hundred 100 freelance compensation Lawyers are needed in various cities.  


              Just send 1 page resume only  (no Repeat  no 2nd page) highlighting your main  skills, experience, education , city you are currently living stating willingness to start work and how you can  do well in the job  you are looking for to start. 

               To - mash.hussain@gmail.com , ashfaque.hussain@inaaz.biz, Marking to HR Head, Inaaz Private Limited.