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Inaaz Helpdesk

Inaaz Helpdesk - Help Me

Inaaz has multi helpdesk system online to address issues or poblems of it's customers.

1. Help Process  -

This is a general help to all customers..
You can  write for any help and submit your problems , queries, issues , Inaaz help center will reply you within 24 - 48 hours or earliest with a ticket number. This ticket number can be tracked till resolution is done and ticket is closed.

2. Online Tawk.to chat App -

This is a   blue round button or message button at right bottom corner at home page This chat application will allow you to leave a message if support staff is offline.
If support staff is online , you can chat any time and get connected to sales or support staff quickly. They will help you online and support you.
One can fix a time to chat for a detail chat meeting online or skype meeting on line.

3.  Online Skype Helpdesk -

The skype ID is write2inaaz@inaaz.biz  or  Iam Inaaz.

One can add this Skype Id and send request for one is to one skype voice or video chat online to discuss any business issue or conversation. One can get support by sharing his screen to get support online live, share docs or presentation any time.

4.   Call Center Helpdesk -

Inaaz has structured call center helpdesk to address your problems or support in sales by voice call on +91 7829378824. Our team will talk to you any time any day.  We made communication so easy for you.

5.  Support Help Center -

One can send email to support@inaaz.biz if you are a registered customer or seller in Inaaz. 

6. Sales Help Center - 

One can write e-mails to  sales@inaaz.biz if you have any new sales enquiry or issues to resolve for buying or selling a product or service.

7. Admin Helpdesk -

Any further complex problems can be escalated to admin@inaaz.biz if there are some rights issues or admin issues.

8. Business Escalation - 

One can escalate to head customer care or operations management if you find that any or no one is resolving your issues  or helping you -  ashfaque.hussain@inaaz.biz or mash.hussain@gmail.com