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How It Works

How IT Works


Shopping at Inaaz.biz is a simple and easy process.

The following steps will walk you through the process, one by one.




Browse our website and go through our collections, look at all those products you would want to purchase.

The best is search by general keyword of items , like speaker, dress, shoes, bags, laptop, tablet,smartphone,etc and then press enter button in your laptop or mobile or press at right of search window. If you are not able to find products, modify your search keyword, or go to collection category more, you will get 18 plus collections and explore your choices.

You can view  physical products which you want to buy, add them to your shopping cart.

There are various options for a single product like color, size, material, seller, etc.

Go through the varieties carefully and add your items to the cart (by clicking on ADD TO CART) Button.




After you have added all your products to your shopping bag and once you think you are ready for check out, proceed to the payment page.

At the payment processing page, you would see all that you have purchased at inaaz.biz. You may opt for specific payment gateway if you want to choose from.

Here, you can avail your discount coupons (if any).

You can also avail your gift card by respective seller.




If you do wish to continue shopping, you can do so by clicking on the CONTINUE SHOPPING Button.

Else you can move ahead to the next step by providing your Shipping details.

At this step, you would be notified to sign up or log in to your account, or you could just continue as a guest. Next, enter your billing address.

If your billing and shipping addresses are the same, you can ignore this step.

But, if your billing and shipping addresses are different, then please fill in the necessary information.

Please ensure to put  your valid Mobile contact with country  and E-mail Address so that all delivery SMS and information comes to you till the item is delivered at your mentioned address.

Click the Continue Button and proceed further to the Payment Page.




At this step, you would be asked to choose your desired payment method whereby you will be directed to the payment gateway page. There are two payment Gateway options -

Option 1.  Paypal -

It will take you to Paypal payment gateway - further 2 ways -

Use paypal account  if you have balance in paypal account. ,

Alternatively , pay by debit or credit card either Visa or Master card.

Option 2 : Use Checkout - Select Other payment - Razorpay or Cashfree -

Use 7 main  ways of payment under Razorpay Payment options -

8 payment systems like, Net Banking , UPI, Wallets, Paytm , Skrill, Neteller, All Credit and Debit Card - Visa and Master Card, other several payment systems have been integrated. 

You can use any account which has balance to pay or use credit or debit card either Visa or Master card.

You can choose No Interest EMI of 3 , 6, 9, 12, 18 months or get 10 % discount on immediate payment in Razorpay.. 




You have successfully completed the process.
Thanks for shopping at inaaz.biz
You will now receive an order confirmation email from inaaz.biz.



We will ship your products in a time bound atmosphere. 
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email from us with the name of our courier partner and the tracking number. You can visit our courier partner's website and enter the tracking number to locate your shipment. or use order history in inaaz.biz footer link to see the courier dispatch details.
Have a great day with HAPPY SHOPPING!


How to Change Currency ?

Just Click Currency at left top Dropdown Link. Drop Down Menu will appear , there are 6 currencies - Indian INR, USD, UK Pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan and Japanese  Yen. One can select any currency and the product price , cart  & checkout will change to selected currency. Very soon we will implement IP based currency change as per location of user. Base currency is USD and it will remain so while doing payment.      


How to Login ?

Just Click Login at  top right SignIn  Or Create and an Account only available  to users visiting using laptop & desktop.

Alternatively, all mobile users can go to Footer Customer Support Create User ID or Use Social ID


One can login by using existing registered e-mail ID and password . One can use forget password to get the password and then login if user is already registered.

The best way is to use social login like facebook, twitter , linkedin or google or any of 10 social login IDs to register and login as well. There is no need to remember separate password for this social login. One can use  existing password of social login ID to get inside and login to our Inaaz site. Your details is safe and will be secured for ever. This is the best security in login as it is linked to your mobile and e-mail ID. 


How to Compare  Products ?

Please go to top left Compare Link. Add few products in wish list or cart , then compare the products in price , features, colour & other attributes.Currently , it is not enabled to make faster loading of site.


How to to put a Product into WishList ?

This is to ensure that the product is in your wishlist and it will remain till you delete or push it to cart or checkout list for buying. This ensures that you wish to keep track of this product and services to avail in near future.Currently it is not enabled as customer prefer faster loading speed. 


 How to Change Language by  Site Visitor ?

If you are not comfortable in English Language and you are at different region or country where people do not understand or read  English, you can change the language into a language in which you understand the entire site. Just Refresh site, click Select  Language and wait for few seconds, a dropdown Language menu will appear , move the curser downward  along slider and select a language that you understand that you wish to  set-in to understand site content. It is very useful for non English understandable person.One can revert back to English US when no language change is needed.


How to Change cuurency  by  Site Visitor ?

Just press currency and select in your desired currency,all the prices will change into that value of currency by current conversion rate today.You can see prices in your any of 160 plus top currencies, which is very useful in  price comparison. But the payment will happen in USD base currency only at checkout page during payment. It is easy to have USD prices to compare across the world .