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Contact Us
International Contact Center : - 
Phone: Call +917829378824  Whatsup
  1. mash.hussain@gmail.com Admin Contact
  2. support@inaaz.biz for support ,
  3. sales@inaaz.biz  for sales 
  4. ashfaque.hussain@inaaz.biz  for escalations
Skype : write2inaaz@hotmail.com or IamInaaz,
Inaaz Private Limited ( CIN - U74999KA2016PTC097184) is registered at -
Head Office : 
K- 502, Ittina Mahaveer,
Neeladri Nagar, Electronic City,
Bangalore 560100, Karnataka, India
International Sales Virtual Co-ordination : 
US Business Development Virtual Office :
477, Roquette Avenue , South Floral Park,  New York  - 1 1 0 1 , USA .
Expanding To :
Paris, Casablanca, Dubai, Hongkong, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Toronto, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beijing,Moscow, Washington DC, New York, Tokyo


To know more about our business , do business with us, list & sell your  products and advertise your products, you may contact us as soon as possible. 

Opportunities of earning income are huge and just join us, share your dreams and you are on right path towards your business goal.
You can do the following alongwith us -
1. Be our sourcing partner to search raw products at reasonable cost at source and become our large sourcing partner.
2.  Be our innovative partner to repack, repackage the raw products into Inaaz brand and list in inaaz.biz to sell at profitable price.
3.  Be our  sales partner and grow with us in innovative product selling business.
4.  Be our working from home partner and work with us to grow business of Inaaz globally.
5.  Be our multiple growing business associate in E-commerce, diversified business partner program to grow alongwith us.