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About Us

About Us
Inaaz.Biz  is an E-commerce Platform for multistore product business by online transaction and supported by backend shipping companies for dispatch of physical products to customers. 


INAAZ – Inaaz has several interpretation in its name. Innovation ( IN ) today or beginning  (AAZ) is the key of any business today. Inaaz means beginning of innovation in business.


It is also interpreted as India's Naaz ( Pride of India ) in innovative business - an e-commerce platform to do business smartly and swiftly.


The real meaning of Inaaz –


I is for ideas, that you bring to life.

N is for notable, distinguished are your feats

A is for athleticism, embrace the competitor within

A is for attractive, inside and out

Z is for zest, your zeal for life.


Inaaz has great meaning - Inaaz, creates your life experiences & the energy that shapes your life. It has several meanings -

  • Inaaz gives you the desire to understand and to help others but, at the same time one can become too involved in their problems and, as a result, worry too much.
  • Inaaz desire a home and family of its own and have the ability to create understanding and harmony in family association as you are pliable, forgiving, and tactful.
  • Inaaz loves children and would not hesitate to care for any children who might need you.
  • Inaaz - Whenever possible, it avoids argument and turmoil because it prefer not to face an issue if it means hurting anyone's feelings.
  • Inaaz shrink from sordidness and poverty because Inaaz feel very deeply for anyone in unfortunate circumstances.
  • Though Inaaz recognize its responsibilities, it is inclined to put things off until it is forced to take action.
  • If given the opportunity, Inaaz could develop musical and artistic abilities.
Inaaz is diversifying its segments and business into multiple domains but its E-commerce division of business is focussing product selling in the following areas step by step -

1. Apparels - Women, Men & Kids,

2. Home, garden & Furniture- Daily useful items that bring up quality of life within home , garden and furniture fittings products.

3. Home Improvement -  Useful items to furnish and beautify home - like linen, bedsheet, cushion, pillows, useful material to make home comfortable.

4. Toys , Hobbies and Kid's Games- It only covers small robots, RC cars,play drones for kids, musical instuments, playing gadgets and outdoor and indoor play stuff for kids.

5. Beauty , Health and Hair - Products , tools that enhances beauty , health and hair . It does not include any medicines nor any treatment. It has tools like hair dryer, Gym Equipment, Hair wigs etc.

6. Agriculture Tools , Seeds, implements that help in agriculture productivity, like seeds of fruits, flowers, vegetables, tools , implements etc.  It does not include raw fruits, beverages, food etc that goes bad during transit. 

7. Automobiles & Motorcycles - It includes products in Automobles, cars and motorcycles and electric vehicles,their fittings and parts that enhances usage of Automobile and Motorcycle, like speakers, bluetooth, gps, displays etc.

8. De-activated Art, Painting, Photography, Sculpture - Creations of artist , painter, photography and sculpture permitted by artist. 

9. Cellphones & Telecommunications - Smartphones, Telecommunication products like, wireless handphone, walky talky etc  

8. Computer & Office - Computer accessories , disk, memory, mouse, keyboards, computer, laptops , printers and its accessories, tablets,

9. Consumer Electronics - Humidifier, Airfreshner , automatic floor cleaner , small fridge, small cooler, small airconditioner ,fans,  mixer, blender , gadgets useful for consumers.

10. Jewelry & Watches - Only ordinary daily wearable jewelry, bracelet watches , health watches. Innovative wearable products that makes life safe and secured. No Gold , No diamond , no costly items is traded and listed here. 

11 . Light & Lightings - Wall lamps, Chendeliers that decorates homes and gardens.

12. Bags & Luggage - Purses, handbags, suitcases that beautify personality and brings up better quality of life.

13. Mother & Kids - Stuff used by mother and kids as daily living products like milk bottle, kids prams, mother dresses, etc

14.  Office & School Supplies - Stuff used like pens, pencils, school paintings stuff brush, school bags, adhesives etc

15. Security & Protection - Stuff like security cameras to record and send alarm to house owners, security enhancing stuff in daily life etc

16.  Novelty and special Use - Dresses for weddings, inner clothes etc.

17.  Shoes - Men , Women and Kids shoes stuff.

18.  Sports & Entertainment - Like outdoor games  lawn tennis, Golf, Carrom, Chess, Musical instruments etc,

19.  Weddings & Events - stuff used in wedding, clothes, decoration, gifts to such events  

We will be only focussing on innovative physical products where our customer's  life  becomes better and quality of life enhances.


2. https://inaaz.biz - Inaaz Ebiz Creative & Innovative Product Selling Services

This is a multistore ecommerce platform that has been created  for product selling only across globe.

It is also doing sourcing of products from various low cost sourcing locations, manufacturer and shipping to another region, country via shipping companies , thereby help in exports and imports of products so as to bring better profits to sellers and better quality of life to customers. 

Inaaz will promote and bring  various innovative product in the niche market that can be sold worldwide by collaboration globally.

Inaaz will be charging very less commission to sellers so that sellers from poor or middle class segment can afford the platform usage.   

At present, we are expanding globally by registering its business associates and channel partners. All are invited to join this platform to meet, chat online, collaborate, do business and get benefit fastest by using INAAZ.BIZ platform. This platform is opened for listing and product selling services by every sector who can shake hand and do business by fast collaboration.

This company is headquartered in Bangalore but soon it will expand to all top capital cities globally.

It has very nice corporate social responsibility agenda that focus to create INAAZ entrepreneur cell in all renowned schools , colleges and universities which encourage innovation at grassroot level. This helps in building confidence in youth to grow & become self reliant in doing innovation in new product business which is the main effective goal of earning . Inaaz also brings top line innovation into lime light where top investor & entrepreneur can meet & chat with dynamic youth who wish to network and collaborate globally to create new products and sell them globally.

Inaaz is trying to solve the problems of doing product selling business by collaboration. 

Company details



Inaaz Private Limited  has been approved by MCA and Govt. and now it's INC formation is fully completed .

CIN - U74999KA2016PTC097184



TAN -  BLRI07903A


Headquarters Registered Office :

K-502, Ittina Mahaveer,

Neeladri Nagar, Electronic City,

BANGALORE -560100,

Karnataka, India.

Year founded


Company type

Privately Held

Company size

50 -100 Freelance Associates

Specialities & Partnering


Inaaz.Biz is gearing up as  multistore  Ecommerce  Market platform to sell products across globe.

To start earning from tomorrow and become our business associate or partner at various levels ,  visit https://inaaz.biz/pages/affiliations-partnering