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Inaaz.biz - fastest growing E-commerce MNC in niche products

Posted by Mohammed Ashfaque Hussain on

Inaaz.biz - fastest growing E-commerce MNC in niche products

Inaaz has been doing innovating thinking while bringing best platform to shop , sell and buy rare products and services .

We look Inaaz as best alternative to niche market in various products and services.

As shair , we expressed what inaaz will do help to a common person - 

Inaaz.biz - Khoobsurat Hain Hum , Hame Bhi Aasman Me Udne Do (We are beautiful , allow us to fly in the sky)

Khoobsurat hain hum, hame bhi aasman me udne do

Na jalao dushmani ke diye, hame shama se milne do

Raah me hain hazaron mushkilen, hame nanhe paron se udne do

Fizaon me phool khilen hain, INAAZ se hame bhi milne do

Door talak jana hai udke, hamare sapno ko aaj ban ne do

Inaaz ne phailayi hai khushboo hawaon me, hame bhi inhe sanson me lene do

Bus sab humsafar ke sath milke, unchhaiyon me parvaaz karne do

Ho sab taraf aman aur chain ke mahaul, hame bhi aasman me udne do.


Translation in English -

We are beautiful , allow us to fly in the sky

Don't put oil (increase) on fire of enemity, allow us to meet the light of fire without cry

There are thousands of obstacles on the way, allow us to fly with our small delicate wings

Flowers are blooming with smile in the nature, allow us to meet with Inaaz in the springs

We got to go upto there very high flying up, allow our dreams to come true so wide

Inaaz has spread the nice smell around in the air, allow us to breath from all side

Alongwith all colleagues together , allow us to rise to the highest peak of success by try

Let there be peace and calmness everywhere, allow us to fly in the sky.

-Conceived, written and translated as original by M Ashfaque Hussain , a lyricist by heart , an entrepreneur by brain and a human being by birth.

Inaaz.biz is alive since 2018 as wonderful e-commerce platform to buy & sell innovative products and services to make e-commerce business affordable and earn a better living for a common man.

List your products & services in various categories at very affordable budget as you wish to plan selling as seller . It is the best attractive site with many offers to buy best products & services at affordable cost for buyers because of lowest sourcing cost, commission and margins.


Inaaz.biz biz is now made functional with the following top features -


1. Influence , Share and Earn  Become inaaz.biz Ambassador :  One can start earning by influencing your friends , relatives, sorrounding , share with all social sites and earn when each product is sold by clicking your shared links , you get paid 10 % straight. A very good platform to earn while you learn digital marketing.  


Become our Ambassadors of inaaz.biz  and start earning good revenue USD $50 to $4000 per month very easily.


2. Reward to Purchaser .   Buy products with us , we reward cashback in your wallet that you can re-use at inaaz.biz  or encash any time after crediting to your wallet .

One can get easily  USD 20 to 500 per month if you are buying regularly at inaaz.biz.


3. All latest advance Auto sensing IP currency: It is in place as application that can give you prices in your currency or you can select any time change in currency , fit for global user to see value in his own currency.


4. Language :   One can set language to any language that one can read and understand at inaaz.biz within fraction of seconds from language button and you can see entire site in your set language that you undersatnd and read fast.


5. Artificial Search Engine :  Use artificial default search engine when you do any search, just type any 2 or 3 letters , not  even words , you get quickly prompt of indicative keywords and pictures of relevant picyures, then you pick any one relevant word and picture , just do click search button , you will get very long list of all relevant search in just few seconds. Try today and you will ebjoy this smart artificial search engine apps already running at inaaz.biz.  Please use it often to get your desired product quickly at our site.


6. Smart Menu :  Our New Theme is getting ready and smart menu , megamenu will be soon alive in inaaz.biz. Enjoy our best top end facilities without any cost. 


7. Series of business startup products in more than 200 buisness are vailable at inaaz.biz.  One can start his startup by buying the industrial or useful product to launch one's fast growing business quickly at home or small land with very few hundred UDS budget . Join us , chat us as how we are raising series of startup all over the world who are really very active and supported by several banks and fund providers , all of them are our client who have started business after buying equipment from us.


We invite all unemployed youth, poor and middle class people,  in India and abroad to get conneted with us, join us and start earning by doing one's own startup any time with very small budget under our guidance, we support full chains of start-up business worldwide . Live examples are -


1.1 Poultry Business at home. Invest USD 0.01 and earn 5-8 USD just in 3 months time per bird raising  , Multiply your income with 100 if birds are increasing and one can earn easily 500-2000 birds per month. Buy all hatching machines and poulty equipment from Inaaz.biz that converts 12-500 eggs to chichen just in 7 days.


1.2 Dairy Business at home. Create your own Start your own Dairy business , we teach you how to do milk business per  day 50-60 liters of milk per cow, how to set butter, cheeze, ghee and all dairy product industry in just few weeks., 


1.3 Cooking Oil Business at home. One can start making 80 to 800 liter manufacturing of cooking oil from Mustard, Sun flower , Ground nut, Almond, Soya, Corn , Olive oils from home , pack it and sell it via us our site inaaz.biz without any charges.


1.4 Agri-export business at home . Grow vertical farming at your roof top, Balcony , small land and grow big number of vegetable, fruits , flowers , garden, nursery and several medicinal plants from our vertical farming pots, equipment and technology and worldclass seeds. Order today generate very high income by growing and exporting sell via our inaaz.biz platform. We help you in selling your products and getting you the market rates .


1.5  Food Processing , packing and distribution business at home . Manufacture ,grow small foods that last 3 months to 3 years , like pickles, papads, dry namkeens, biscuits, dry fruits , all such food stuff that has longer life and you can earn by sellig online via our platform free of cost.  


1.6  Fishing Business at small land of 6000 Sq Ft. Earn better revenue in fish farming by our help , grow revenue from 0.01 USD to 6 USD per fish 


1.8  Goat Framing Business at small land of 2000 Sq ft. Grow your own goat farms , goat grows to 80 KG in just 2-3 years time from 5-8  KG only and  earnbetter revenue, most suitable for small  farmers. 


1.9  Electric Vehicle Business( Electric motorcycle , electric scooter , other 3 wheeter )  business at small land of 2000 Sq Ft  You can start seles outlet and service outlets at your location for all inaaz.biz electric vehicles. Get in touch with us for bank loans by renowned banks that gives you loan for electric vehicles and you can buy for you or sell in the market , service them afterwards.


2.0. Renewable Energy Business at home.  Create solutions by using inaaz.biz products and sell to your clients. Sell all renewabale energy products like Solar AC, Solar lights, Solar Decoration, Solar Power generating, Solar street lights, Solar garden and wall lightsand all solar tools and gadgets that you can buy and sell in market by ordering at inaaz.biz.


2.1. Consultancy Business work from home.  Use our platform to start your consultancy across the globe , no need to invest in IT platform creations, Use our Platform inaaz.com and get orders.


2.2 Beauty ,Health & Hair Care Business  Start Beauty products business and sell all over your area , start earning better way. Best business for unemployed women and girls , sell beauty and health products to your region from today.


2.3  Interior Decoration Business :  Be your own boss, start interior decorations in your area , use inaaz.biz products and we teach you how to decorate homes and landscaping.  


2.4  19 Segment of Business. One can start more than 10 business from our 19 segments and collection of products. Join us and be your own entrepreneur. 


We help building the economy of poor  and middle class, city, town, village and region and every country  , we wish you best of business and great success while you do buying niche products from inaaz.biz

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