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Inaaz has been doing innovating thinking while bringing best platform to shop , sell and buy rare products and services .

We look Inaaz as best alternative to niche market in various products and services.

As shair , we expressed what inaaz will do help to a common person - - Khoobsurat Hain Hum , Hame Bhi Aasman Me Udne Do (We are beautiful , allow us to fly in the sky)

Khoobsurat hain hum, hame bhi aasman me udne do

Na jalao dushmani ke diye, hame shama se milne do

Raah me hain hazaron mushkilen, hame nanhe paron se udne do

Fizaon me phool khilen hain, INAAZ se hame bhi milne do

Door talak jana hai udke, hamare sapno ko aaj ban ne do

Inaaz ne phailayi hai khushboo hawaon me, hame bhi inhe sanson me lene do

Bus sab humsafar ke sath milke, unchhaiyon me parvaaz karne do

Ho sab taraf aman aur chain ke mahaul, hame bhi aasman me udne do.

Translation in English -

We are beautiful , allow us to fly in the sky

Don't put oil (increase) on fire of enemity, allow us to to meet the light of fire without cry

There are thousands of obstacles on the way, allow us to fly with our small delicate wings

Flowers are blooming with smile in the nature, allow us to meet Inaaz in the springs

We got to go upto there very high flying up, allow our dreams to come true so wide

Inaaz has spread the nice smell around in the air, allow us to breath from all side

Alongwith all colleagues together , allow us to rise to the highest peak of success by try

Let there be peace and calmness everywhere, allow us to fly in the sky.

-Conceived, written and translated as original by M Ashfaque Hussain , a lyricist by heart , an entrepreneur by brain and a human being by birth. is upcoming & being developed as wonderful ecom platform to buy & sell innovative products and services to make ecom business affordable and earn a better living for a common man. List your products & services in various categories at very affordable budget as you wish to plan selling as seller . It is also most attractive site with many offers to buy best products & services at affordable cost for buyers because of lowest sourcing cost, commission and margins.

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  • Good points, Challenging market, innovative idea’s >>>>>> good to go>>>>>

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